How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator in Seconds?

How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator in Seconds

Your Samsung refrigerator may need to be reset for a number of reasons, such as it is not powering up, the display is not working properly, or you have updated any settings that you want to reset. We’ll show you two ways how to reset Samsung refrigerator.

Soft Reset

Soft reset which is a great way to reset your Samsung refrigerator very easily and quickly, it will not delete any of your existing settings so you will not have to face any issues. If you want to do a soft reset, then follow the steps which I will tell you and avoid any problems:

  • Locate the power button on your refrigerator. It is usually located on the front panel, near the bottom.
  • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  • Release the power button.
  • Your refrigerator will power off and then back on.

Hard Reset

If seen, hard reset will be a bit more difficult as compared to soft reset. You will lose all your data and setting on hard reset, so it is used only when there is a problem in the refrigerator which is very serious. So if you are facing any serious problem then use hard reset and I will tell you step by step how to do that.

  • Unplug your refrigerator from the power outlet.
  • Wait for 30 seconds.
  • Plug your refrigerator back into the power outlet.
  • Your refrigerator will power on and then go through a self-diagnostic process.
  • Once the self-diagnostic process is complete, your refrigerator will be reset to its factory settings.

Which Reset Should I Use?

If your Samsung refrigerator has been experiencing minor performance issues like the display not working or the temperature not set correctly, then at such times a soft reset is the best solution to your problem. However, if you have a more serious problem like an ice maker not working properly or anything like that then a hard reset will be your best bet in such a situation.

What Happens After I Reset My Refrigerator?

After you have reset your Samsung refrigerator, it will go through a self-diagnosis process and this may take some time. After your refrigerator self-diagnosis is done, your refrigerator will be reset to its factory settings. This means that all your settings like temperature, time, and child lock will be reset. After resetting, you will have to enter all these settings in it.

Is it Safe To Reset My Refrigerator?

Yes, it is completely safe to reset your Samsung refrigerator. Resetting will not damage your refrigerator in any way nor will it void your warranty. However, as soon as you reset the key in this setting, you will completely lose all your data and settings. And then you have to enter all those settings again.

I Reset My Refrigerator But it’s Still Not Working Properly. What Should I Do?

If you have completely reset your Samsung refrigerator with every method that we told you and it is still not working properly, then you need to contact Samsung customer care as there is some problem with your refrigerator. There can be a serious problem that is not fixed by just resetting the setting, then for that, you need to take help from experts.

I hope this blog post has been helpful. If you have any further questions about how to reset Samsung refrigerator, please leave a comment below.

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