Flights From Los Angeles To New York

Flights From Los Angeles To New York

Fasten your seatbelts and proceed to Fairyland on flights from Los Angeles to New York. “The Empire State” is waiting eagerly for you to explore its bewitching attractions and fall head over heels in love with its charm. The great New York City is easily accessible via air from the “City of Angels.” Don’t miss out on this adventure even if you are just going for a couple of days.

Los Angeles And New York Route

No doubt your trip to New York from Los Angeles is going to be amazing. But, these factors can surely enhance your travel.

  • New York City is in Eastern Standard Time Zone, though Los Angeles lies in Pacific Standard Time Zone. So, due to this reason, they have a significant time difference between them. Los Angeles is 3 hours behind New York City. 
  • The duration of Los Angeles to New York flights is approx 5 hours and 30 minutes. The stretch covered between these two cities is around 2,475 miles.
  • A road trip is a long 41-hour journey averagely to New York from Los Angeles. The distance via Interstate 40 Highway in the US is approx 2,776 miles.

Famous Air Carriers Flying To New York From Los Angeles

These both great and adorable marvels have constant flights from many popular airlines. But, no direct flights are in operation on Los Angeles International Airport to LaGuardia International Airport route. 

JetBlue Airlines give flight services with one stop from Los Angeles to New York. The Fastest flight of this carrier is around 7 hours and 40 minutes. The main airports where JetBlue has layovers are Boston Logan International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Spirit Airlines’ most flights have overnight layovers while traveling to New York from Los Angeles. As it is a quite cheap carrier, you can get a round-trip fare for approx $297.

Southwest Airlines offer cheap New York from Los Angeles flights with a quite short layover. Its fastest flight takes about 6 hours and 50 minutes.    

Cheap Flight Tips On Flying To New York From Los Angeles

The insider tips that will help you in finding cheaper flight tickets on your journey from Los Angeles to New York are given below.

  • Try booking your ticket to get cheap flights from LAX to LGA at least 60 days beforehand.
  • An evening flight is around 11% cheaper than a morning one to New York from Los Angeles.
  • The cheapest month to fly from the City of Angels to the City That Never Sleeps is January. Go in this month to have a budget-friendly trip.
  • The most expensive time of the year for flights from Los Angeles to New York is July, followed by August.
  • Adding two or more stops on your Los Angeles to New York flights can save approx 15% on your air trip.

Los Angeles International Airport

LAX – Los Angeles International Airport is a famous airport that serves Los Angeles, California. The airport has four parallel runways and covers 3,500 area of land.

LAX is the largest and busiest international airport on West Coast in the US. It also serves as a connection point for international travel to places like Central America, Australasia, Mexico, etc.

The gates on the terminals of Los Angeles International Airport are arranged in U or horseshoe shape. Only one terminal has the name Tom Bradley International Terminal. The other 8 terminals are identified by numerals. 

LaGuardia International Airport

LGA is the code used for LaGuardia International Airport. This airport is in East Elmhurst, Queens. 

The security checkpoints of LaGuardia International Airport are in Terminals A, B, C, and D. They are especially operated by TSA and have different timings from the terminals operating hours.

You can claim your baggage at level 2 of LaGuardia International Airport. There is also a welcome center and shop at this level. A taxi rank for on-demand taxi services is also located here.

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